I want to believe in hope.

It’s not easy to hope. We’re told to set our sights lower, to care less, to watch out for ourselves.

We’re told that our dreams are too foolish, our hopes too childish.

But I believe that it’s right to care. To give. To be moved by what we see going on around us.

I believe that our dreams are not too foolish – it’s our world that is too cynical.

I believe in Hope.

jason chu has a unique resume: after finishing a philosophy degree at Yale University and working on-campus for two years, he moved to Beijing in 2010 for two things: (1) to make rap music and (2) to serve, care for, and reach out to the lonely, hurting, and tired.

As a member of LA-based Chinese-American rap crew Model Minority, and through solo performances on the Beijing hip-hop scene, he’s pursued the former; and as a young adults minister at China’s largest international church, he’s found the latter.

In his music, jason talks about a world where joy and cynicism, greed and hope, futility and simplicity are battling to be heard. Through simple love songs with unexpected twists (like “Twitter Girl,” a distinctly 21st-century ballad) and lyrics laced with social, personal, and historical reflection (“ChristianMuslim”, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, “History”), he freely shares the products of his journey so far – and invites the audience along.