Leadership skills

Every individual undergoes several stages in their life like education, occupation, and marriage. These stages go hand in hand with an individual’s age depending on the person’s surrounding environment and situation. Every individual has a different perception of life in relation to every stage they undergo. Their perceptions are influenced by the various inherent biases and one’s intuition in relation to their decision-making capabilities as well as their future plans and expectations. Through the life stages, every individual is able to identify and come to terms with their strengths and weaknesses. In most cases, one’s attributes are identified and acquired at the occupation stage where the individual interacts with other individuals at the workplace. The aim of this study is to identify leadership-related qualities which I have acquired through the life stages where the study will focus on the family and the occupation stages of life.

To begin with, I was an immigrant from Tehran to the USA. I was born and lived in Tehran for 24 years. At the age of 24 years, I moved from my home country to Tehran. Tehran is the capital city of Iran and it is very crowded. It has an area of approximately 281.9 m2 and the population is almost 8.154 million which is almost equal to that of New York City. I grew up in a country which had a very weak economy and as a result, the rate of inflation and unemployment increased leading to difficult moments for every individual in the country. Due to such circumstances, it was very difficult to achieve freedom. Families from the Persian origin are very strict and the society expects a lot from these individuals. The children, for instance, are expected to be responsible and carry out their duties as expected which shapes them into responsible individuals even during the late years of their lives. A good example is a situation where most of the individuals from the Persian families like to show off and act like they are from wealthy families even when they are not. They also like to act as though they know everything in every field and therefore have nothing to learn.

The country was also in chaos in such a way that in the field of business, it was impossible to trust anyone. In addition, the courts and the government were governed through bribery. On the contrary, the USA provided an environment where the law protects investors and employees. Life in this part of the world is different from that of my home country since in the US, I lived in the city where young people were hanging out every night after 9 pm. The normal way of life of people in the US, especially those living in a city like Los Angeles, people work every day and have their dinner at 7 pm where they then retire to bed at 9 pm.

Due to the new environment as an immigrant, I had a very difficult time familiarizing and finally settling in my surrounding. I experienced a number of difficulties where the first one was my age where I was 24 years old. Back at my home country, I got my bachelor’s degree on Aviation in Iran and worked with Iran Air for almost a year, still at the age of 24. After I moved to the USA, I attempted to get into the same field study or find a job to no avail. That is when I realized that in order to be successful, there was need for me to acquire a citizenship to prove that I was a United States citizen. I thereby decided to study at Santa Monica College takin a major in Computer Programming hoping that the education would earn me a citizenship.

At this particular point, it was very difficult to make significant decisions due to the challenges I was facing physically, emotionally, and psychologically. These challenges deeply affected my study habits and ability to focus. I had a recurrent generational allergy attack which added onto my emotional and psychological challenges. I also had a difficult time acquiring books making my study impossible. More so, the psychological challenges such as stress took the better part of me leading to lack of sleep during the night and as a result, could not concentrate in class during the day. These challenges became too much to bear forcing me to drop out of school. More so, my family also started experiencing financial problems which also contributed to my dropping out of school.

Despite family and friends affiliation, it was high time for me to try and find a way out of my situation so as to overcome the challenges I was going through. By comparing the society in Los Angeles with that of Persia, It took a while for me to understand that I had a better opportunity to steer my life to the direction I wanted it to take. I decided to take charge of my life through ensuring that I worked on my self-esteem.

At this point in time, I decided to look for employment as I resumed my education. By doing so, I was able to pay for my education, pay my bills and even be left with a little amount of money to save. As the years passed by, I got married after 6 years of immigration. I also decide to go back to school to further my education, this time, with an aim of gaining professional development. With a full-time job, I was be able to rent a lovely apartment and lease a nice car. I was also able to save money to get married on my own without any financial or emotional help during when I decided to part ways with my family.

My marriage was the first step of leadership I took in my life. It was also the best change of my life. The reason behind this claim is that my wife was very supportive since she encouraged me a lot and also reminded me of my achievements. She was also my greatest advisor when it came to life management matters. In addition, she motivated me to improve my knowledge in my field of work.

At my place of work, I got to learn a lot. Some of the attributes I acquired were like self-control especially in situations where we could get a very low financial income. I also applied self-control at the workplace in situations where my colleagues failed to admit their mistakes thereby forcing me to take the responsibility and work on their tasks instead. In addition, I learnt how to set up and plan personal and professional goals. I also understood how to deal with the companies to get the better pricing.

It is after such a long time that I finally achieved the leadership position of a manager at my place of work. At the beginning it was very difficult since I had very little knowledge of the managerial role and to make it worse, my boss, who was the owner of the company, did not have any education in this field. Despite all the challenges, I was able to acquire the necessary skills and experience after six years on how to operate in my profession where my tasks include e-selling and distribution of medical products.

As the manager, there are two principal challenges which I have encountered regarding proper integration. First, the customers are not directly sensing products which means that the customers should trust our company for such highly sensitive products. Second, the customers should pay on-line for products where delivery would be made afterward. The company’s board and I have tried to cover the first issue by selecting well-known suppliers. The second issue has been addressed by delivering what we have quality services to our customers. Our customers have shown good faith in our company since we have had a sustainable growth since the start of our business.

One of the main challenges I have encountered at my line of duty is the manufacturer’s back order items. I have managed to overcome the challenge by generating the report of our sales for the last year and then conducting an analysis of the sales for each product where we then try to pre-buy and stock the items that are profitable where they then become back orders. Other challenges I have come across as a manger is that of equalizing male employees to those of female employees in the company. The challenge has been solved through ensuring equal allocation of positions between the male and female employees. More so, I have ensured that there is also equal pay among all employees in the company. We have also adapted technology to ensure that security protocols for safekeeping customers’ data and information are followed.

By referring to material given in class discussions, colleagues, and teammates my strengths and weaknesses in both parts of natural and adapted fell between the same ranges. I realized that I applied the ‘relax and peaceful approach’ to problem-solving where problems are mostly solved through the team-oriented manner. I also realized that I am emotional, sociable, and optimistic. I ensure that I take into consideration the emotions and values of every individual in order to guide the organization toward achieving practical results. I also apply supervisory skills when things are not running smoothly in order to correct the situation. As such, I put all my effort and energy into the job.

One of my weaknesses is that I am very sensitive and defensive to comments associated with my work where in some cases I refuse to take the blame. I become quite frustrated when engaging in a situation where the conversation turns into a struggle discussion. I also have a very difficult time when working under maximum pressure and very limited time. As such, I like being organized in a way that I can achieve and complete all my tasks in time so as to avoid the last minute rush.

As a result, I have seen the need for team work in the company. For example, I thought that the profits and losses of customer and company are most important, but now I realize that the employee is an essential part of an organization, and by investing in human resource maybe we could improve the quality of service and products offered to clients. Therefore, I should share the success and understand that I am only part of a team which has a common direction and objective. I also learnt that motivation is one of the principal elements for retaining and developing employees. I have also been able to interact and work with people from different nationalities with various cultures and languages.

In conclusion, I have realized that in order to thrive as the manager, I will require a highly supportive team which would encourage and motivate me like my wife does. In order to interact well with my team members, I will have to work on my essay writing skills in order to be able to differentiate between negative and constructive criticism. I will also need to check on my supervisory skills where I will be required to participate more in the company-related activities together with my employees in order to build good work relationships and as a result create a good working environment.

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