How to Write an Essay about a Person that Influenced Your Life

If you’ve been assigned an essay task, and you have to write about an important person in your life – someone that has ultimately influenced the course of your life, then, you might feel a bit at a loss. Essay tasks are far from being the easiest, particularly when your strongest skill isn’t writing, or you’re not the type of creative person. This is why, for instance, if you feel that you’re short on time and you need to hire someone to write a paper, you can always contact, a professional company that helps students in your position.

Leaving that aside, let’s see what quintessential guidelines you should follow for writing a top-notch essay that will get you an A.

Writing a Descriptive Essay

When you’re asked to write about a person that influenced your life, this means we’re talking about a descriptive essay. Descriptive essays could also be about experiences, places, and the list may go on. This type of writing requires you to disclose the information in a straightforward, comprehensive way, without creating a sort of suspense or anything of the kind. The writing should be to the point and the ideas should be easy to grasp and follow.

Write a Clear Introduction

A well-written essay has a clear structure, comprising of introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction sets the tone of the writing. This is why, at this point, you should choose the style of writing you’ll approach in the entire essay, as you don’t want to change it throughout the paper. Lack of consistency can be an issue for inexperienced writers, who fail to consider that a paper should have a sense of wholeness, not only when it comes to the ideas introduced, but to the writing style as well.

Think of your essay as a room you have to decorate. Everything about it should fit perfectly, and it should go perfectly with whatever pieces of decoration you already have in your room. It’s just a metaphor, but you get the picture.

It’s needless to say that the introduction should be attractive. It is the introduction that enables you to get the sympathy and attention of the reader. Even if your reader is your teacher that will ultimately grade your paper, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t struggle to do your best. The teacher will read the paper until the final sentence, but your fluidity in thought and the overall style of the essay will be considered in the rating process.

Also in regard to the introduction, it should be short and snappy. This isn’t the place to provide a lot of overflowing details regarding the person that influenced your life most. This is the paragraph that enables you to introduce this person, tell the reader who he/she is, as well as a couple of quintessential elements.

The Body of the Essay Should Be Comprehensive

Moving on to the body, in the paragraphs in the body of the essay you have the chance to expand on what makes this person you’ve chosen the most influential in your life. In essence, it is the body that constitutes the heart and soul of your essay. Through these paragraphs, you have to present a person and outline the reasons why they influenced your life.

Make sure that the paragraphs are linked. This is of crucial importance in the realm of academic writing, and not only. The thing is that connectors that link the paragraphs and the sentences ought to be used in most writings, but in the case of academic papers, this is mandatory. We’re referring to connectors such as: however, notwithstanding, in addition to, and the list could go on. Ideally, you should use a thesaurus if you feel that your vocabulary is lacking, and it could do with some diversity.

Another key element is that of organizing your paragraphs accordingly. This is of utmost importance whenever you write an academic paper. Concurrently, the paragraphs shouldn’t be too lengthy or too short, make sure you keep a balance in this respect, as well. Make sure that the ideas are fluid, and that they follow one another in a natural way.

The Conclusion – Restate What You’ve Accomplished through Your Essay

The final part of the essay – namely the conclusion, should entail a statement of what you’ve accomplished through your writing. Did you manage to determine why your chosen person has influenced your life? If the answer is yes, you should assess this. Expressly, the conclusion should indicate that you’ve demonstrated the thesis you presented in the introduction.

While essay writing can be a time-consuming task, when you know what you have to do, everything is simplified. The tips presented above are quintessential, allowing you to create an excellent essay, which will most definitely allow you to get a good grade for your assignment.

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