Some thoughts about true love, pop-culture and our misconceptions

The true and universal definition of love and what it entails has remained a mystery from time immemorial. However, there are common traits that cuts across many situations in which true love has been said to exist. A common denominator of true love is the extreme or intense feeling towards somebody which may vary in degree from one individual to the other. In the scrutiny of what true love entails, many pieces of art around us can be used. These include movies, plays, works of scholars and articles from the pop culture. I want to write about The Notebook as the movie, Romeo and Juliet as a play, and about the pop culture article called How Pop Culture Messes with Our View of Love and Beauty by Neal Samudre.

From a look at the ideas that have propounded by the writers in these pieces of work, I believe that true love exists. However, this is predetermined by the experiences that in one’s lifetime. It is true that a person can fall in love and give their all to the partner. This will entail engaging in actions that show great care to the other party and whenever possible avoid bruising feelings. There are many scenarios in movies based on love and even real life stories where people have given each other their all. Although this can be lethal, the assurance gotten from love may limit the dangers here and thus the mutual understanding and care may last forever. There is a tendency of people loving the person they spend most of their times with and thus show their love forever. Due to this reason, the person is likely to believe that their affair is the best and work towards maintaining it regardless of the odds. Even for those who do not believe in love, it had once existed in them, but the kind of treatment they had may have failed to nurture the feeling and thus giving up on the whole concept. In the movie The Notebook, the love story between Noah and Allie proves that the two had their love feelings intensifying as a result of the summer they spend together. Allie says “I love you even more” as a result of the precious time together. The pop culture article, however, does not agree with this and argues that love is superficial and that partners have to keep on tweaking, “…beauty and love are all about the skin.” The scholarly article has emphasized the need to have quality time together cultivates the love. The author notes that the partners in series like Bachelorette have to spend time together winning and dining. All this is done without caring who sees, “…in front of rolling cameras.” The element of time is thus underscored which ensures a strong bondage is created.

True love is in most cases experienced by those people who are pessimistic about the rather intangible and abstract concept. A person who moves into a relationship with fear is less likely to experience true love. However, if one is undecided and doubting, true love will remain a hard nut to crack. In the play Romeo and Juliet, the two partners are pessimistic and moves into the relationship with the major drive being experiencing a classical affection. The two lovers therefore epitomizes true love which defies all odds in the social world. “…going to love your forever”, these words have not be said plainly in the play and they mean a lot in fostering a positive attitude. In The Notebook, the idea of pessimism as being the key drive in the realization of the true love is underscored. In fact, the movie can be said to be revolving the major theme of love conquers all. Despite the major setbacks that their love faces, they have always found ways to reunite and be back together. The couple is separated for 14 years and the love still remains intact. Furthermore, the pressure from the parents to separate fail to bear fruit as a result of the bigger picture held by the couples. “…you cannot get married to him…we are more able”, this proves that the parents were against the relationship.

True love in some situations entails doing the unthinkable in the name of proving what one feels towards the other. Juliet says, “…deny thy father and deny thy name.” Romeo is thus placed at a very critical scenario, and he considers Juliet and totally completing his life and would thus do anything to ensure that the love lasts. True loves furthermore drive Romeo in doing weird things such as leaving Benvolio and Mercutio at a feast just to be with his lover. Besides, Romeo displays true love when he returned to Verona just to reunite with his lover after undergoing an exile where he had gone through intense pain. In the pop culture article, there has been the emphasis on enhancing looks which result to objectification. Although this cannot be said to be true love, it is evident that women have always been on the run to keep up with the current trend of fashion or looks in the market. Although the beauty that nurtures true love is a natural beauty, the pop culture article has emphasized on the role that these enhancements play in making a partner more attractive. “…are more than sexual beings….humans nor objects”. Here the extent to which one can go to do unthinkable such as the enhancement of looked has been scrutinized.

In other instances where true love is terminated, indelible marks left makes the parties involves to live forever.  In the movie, The Notebook, Allie was separated from his real love for more than 12 years. This was a sad ending although it did not deter her lover, Noah. Allie was engaged to Hamilton but deep within, she still had feeling for him. The indelible mark left by Noah is made pronounced when she read a love letter that had been written 12 years ago. “…I miss you Noah my special one”, are Allie’s words which proved the great affection anchored in true love.

True love is a mystery that affects people in different ways. People who experiences true love can be regarded as being in another reality which cannot be aptly explained. It can either bind or break two individual in love for life. In the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo at one point feels an intense love towards Juliet and he cannot fully describe what is in his heart. Romeo says, “…cannot explain what I feel for her.” This reveals a level of mystery in the concept. In the scholarly article pinpoints scenarios in which Bachelors admit to have never found luck in finding true love. “…finding the right person might happen at a Televisions show.”  These records gives an account of the confusion that one might be emerged into when looking for the real partner with the true love. In the pop culture article, it is unique that true love has endured despite the marriage life nowadays advocating for equality in men and women. The role confusion has not shaken the marriage institution for those people who have the true love as their glue. The pop culture article also notes that men and women have always fallen into stereotypes. “…man sex driven, woman wanting emotional connection”. This reveals that an effort to understand or get a true lover in the contemporary world will entail flexibility rather than the rigidity of individual characters.

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