The story of Tsang

Education serves as the key to success, especially now that institutions only hire employees who meet the qualifications for their field. However, progressing far in education is difficult without adequate finances to allow one to proceed through school without any obstacles. Today I want to quote you the letter of Tsang, that we read with a school headmaster. Of course, this boy’s story is a hurt-melting and he’ll get the scholarship.

This’s his letter:

“My name is Tsang. I lost my mother at the age of 12, and thereafter, lived with my father. My father remarried when I was 18 but unfortunately, my new step mother kicked me out of the house and I have learned to live on my own since. In addition to being a full time student and averaging about twenty units a semester, I also work two minimum wage jobs as a waiter and gas station clerk where I devote the rest of my time and labor. The income I receive from working these minor jobs makes it very difficult for me to generate enough money that would allow me provide for the basic necessities, such as food, rent, school supplies, and tuition. In order to meet these living costs, I’ve had to take out a loan from the bank to secure my stay at the university. I now attend school during the day and work my part time jobs at night to generate just enough income to support myself.

The strain of completing school along with supporting myself drives me to apply for this scholarship, which will give me the extra support I need to focus on my career goals. As a Studio Art and Interior Design major, I hope this scholarship will allow me to acquire the expensive, yet essential, course materials I need in order to complete my classes. My career goals involve using my Interior Design and Art skills to design accessible housing alternatives for abandoned individuals such as myself. Based on my personal experiences, I found living on my own and striving to make a living would be impossible without a comfortable and affordable living arrangement. My design includes all the living essentials that one would need while also keeping the production cost down. As of right now, I only make just enough for living. If I receive this scholarship, I will use this money to further develop my housing design that will hopefully help others with similar life experiences. Eventually, I hope to broaden my horizon and implement my design globally.

I believe my experiences will compel you to offer me the scholarship that will help me finish school and further my career. Using the lessons, I’ve learned at San Francisco State University, I hope one-day to build a career that will help others who have been through similar experiences I’ve faced in the past.”


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